Pressure allows for a tan that is better and quicker than anything else on the market. It (AUTO TANNER) sets the hair permanently, effectively and instantly!

-Steve Rotramel
Auto Tanner Inventor

Auto Tanner, Machine that Tans Animal Hides

Complete Hide Tanning In Only 4 Hours

This video will show you how to to tan a deer hide with the Auto Tanner tanning drum in just 4 hours.

The Auto Tanner is your own “Personal Tannery.” Save money on your deer hide or fur tanning supplies and get a Professionally Tanned Hide in ONLY 4 hours. While you are mounting your deer today, imagine being able to “hands off” tan a hide for mounting tomorrow – at the same time! This process is so easy, and makes tanning deer hide simple.  That’s the flexibility the AUTO TANNER gives you without the hides ever leaving your shop!  

This system is available in 2 different sizes, 22 and 45 gallon. In order to determine the size that is best for you, you will want to determine not only how many hides you want to tan at one time, but also the types of hides.

22 gallon: The 22 gallon tanner is perfect for white tail deer, mule, boar and antelope.

45 gallon: The 45 gallon is capable of tanning bear, moose, and full elk hides.

The Auto Tanner allows you to keep complete control over your tanning/hiding process. Avoid the hassles of sending your hides out and protect them from potential damage caused during shipment. This tanner will easily pay for itself in only 18 tanned capes! It is your own mini tannery right on site.


Our Line of Automatic Hide Tanners

Stainless Steel Tanner

This is the most durable auto tanner you'll find on the market. If you're looking for consistency and durability, this is the auto tanner for you.

Powder Coated Tanner

Looking for a cost-effective tanner that will bring best in class results? The Powder Coated Tanner will deliver a pristine hide time and time again.

Auto Tanner Parts

Not only is the Auto Tanner the first pressure tanner in the world, it is also the only pressure tanner backed-up with full technical support and a fully inventoried line of replacement parts

Learn more about cost, parts, and more here.  


Why Choose Auto Tanner Hide Tannery


The tanner features a heavy-duty steel frame with a cross beam located on the bottom to provide easy access to a waste bucket.

Built-in timer

With our built-in timer you will never have an insufficient tan on any hide. 

Direct drive motor

With a direct drive motor, there are less moving parts. This means less wear and tear, greater durability and increased longevity in the life of your tanner.


This tank features a rotating tank with internal pressure that provides 100% tanning in only 4 hours!

Does not require many extras

All that you need to tan your hide is the Auto Tanner, crystals and oil. With this combination, your hides will be pickled, tanned and neutralized in no time!

Gone are the days of a salty mess around your work area. The tanner keeps any excess contained in the tank. The pressurization of the tank actually presses the tanning agent into the skin, further eliminating any remnants.  Many users have said that when they tan the hide first, fleshing the hide after is not only safer, but also easier.  Take your taxidermy tanning to the next level today.

The 22-gallon tank can handle 1-3 tanning hides at a time. This is the ideal size for home use or for smaller shops.

The 45-gallon tank can tan up to 20 hides at once. In just 4 hours, you will have perfectly tanned hides.