Free Setup and Training Video

This comprehensive  video explains and demonstrates all areas of the Auto Tanner in relation to tanning hides of all sizes and not just deer hide tanning.

  1. Machine Assembly
  2. Tanning a Hide
  3. Pressure Tanning Concepts
  4. Tanning Chemistry & Procedure
  5. Choosing Tanner Size
  6. Hide Layers
  7. Explanation of “Contact Force”, “Acceleration Force” and “Osmotic Interaction”

The Auto Tanner is the most complete home-tan available in taxidermy. However, the procedures and concept are unique to the pressure tanning process. This video demonstrates and explains all the theory and practical applications specific to the Auto Tanner. This is the same video that is included with the purchase of the Auto Tanner and will help you get the proper start with your Auto Tanner.

More Information

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