make your own personal hide service, now you can also cure deer hide.  Tan hide made simple, with our crystal process

BuckTan Hide Tanning Crystals

Want to have your own person in-house tannery?  You can have it with the innovative products and science the experts use with BuckTan. BuckTan Crystal from Taxidermy Arts Supply Company is a mineral tan that brings together a variety of taxidermy pickling and neutralizing agents. This hide preparation product has the ability to not only pickle and tan deer hides, but it can also neutralize, all in one step.  To start, simply mix a solution of 1 pound of BuckTan Crystals plus one gallon of water for each deer hide that you want to tan. Once you have that done, set the hide in the solution, close the door, and set the timer for one hour of rotation.  After the hour is up, depressurize the tank. Then open the door and remove the deer hide. What you will find is the hide is now tanned (see further instructions on how to tan deer hide). The BuckTan Crystal method is quick, easy and cost effective for tanning a deer hide and other various animal hides. 

One pound of crystals will tan one whitetail cape. We sell these in qualities of 10 lbs, 25 lbs, 50 lbs, 75 lbs and 100 lbs. 

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