Hide Tanning Crystals from Arrowhead

Arrowhead Hide Tanning Crystals

The superior solution for tanning deer hides at home!

Tanning deer hides and other game hides is now easier than ever with Arrowhead Hide Tanning Crystals from Auto Tanner LLC. Our specialized crystals contain aluminum sulfate and a proprietary synthetic tanning agent to produce soft, pliable leathers with great stretch and flexibility.

What Makes Arrowhead Crystals Better?

  • Unique formulation with aluminum sulfate and synthetic tanning agent
  • Enhanced stretch and flexibility for superior tanned hides
  • Simple preparation and usage, following the proven procedure used for BuckTan Crystals
  • Versatile application for tanning hides, including whitetail capes and other game
  • Long-lasting preservation, ideal for taxidermy tanning and hide curing
  • Unparalleled results, backed by the expertise of AutoTanner LLC.

Hide Tanning Made Easy at Home>

The best thing about using Arrowhead Hide Tanning Crystals is you don’t need a lot of special tanning equipment or knowledge to get great hide tanning results. The pre-measured crystal packs contain everything you need to tan up to 4 deer hides or 2 elk hides. The hide prevention technique and tanning procedure is the same easy process as our classic BuckTan Crystal - simply mix the crystals into the water per instructions, soak the hide, and you’re on your way to perfectly tanned leather every time.

What are Tanning Crystals Made Of?

While the general chemical make-up is similar to basic aluminum sulfate BuckTan Crystals, modern tanning crystals like Arrowhead utilize aluminum sulfate and other agents to cure raw hides into finished leather. The added synthetic agent ensures hides stay supple yet durable after curing and tanning. This aluminum process is more consistent and allows for customized tanning properties to suit your needs.

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Join countless satisfied customers who have experienced the transformative power of Arrowhead Tanning Crystals for deer hides, capes, elk hides, and more right at home while achieving superior, professional-quality results. Order now and start tanning your hides!

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