Powder Coated Hide Tanner

The Powder Coated AUTO TANNER hide tanner is made of mild steel with a base Powder Coat (Coat #1) and an exterior colored Powder Coat (Coat #2). Made to the same dimensions as the Stainless Steel AUTO TANNER, the Powder Coated AUTO TANNER provides the same high quality tan in ONLY 4 HOURS! The 22 gallon model is perfect for tanning a couple whitetails at any given time. These 22 gallon hide tanners provides the same tan as the 45 gallon model. However; the 45 gallon AUTO TANNER can handle as many hides as you can fit in and still get the door closed.

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Powder Coated AutoTanner Hide Tanner

Difference Between the 22 Gallon and 45 Gallon Hide Tanners

Both the 22 gallon and 45 gallon AUTO TANNERS provide the exact same results – high quality professional tan. The only difference is in regard to the working-capacity of the tanner. The 22 gallon AUTO TANNER is perfect for tanning a couple whitetail capes at any given time. The motor of the 22 gallon AUTO TANNER can handle a load of up to a couple deer capes (or one small elk). Anytime that you need a load-capacity greater that two whitetails (one small elk), you need to look at the 45 gallon AUTO TANNER. Load-capacity of the 45 gallon AUTO TANNER is limited only by how much you can “pack” into the tanner and still get the door shut. If you can get it in, the motor will handle it and the hides will tan completely!

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